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Thanks for dropping by. My name is Guy Clapperton. I’ve been a tech journalist for 30 years and I love to interview experts on what's coming up.

I’ve called this podcast and the presentations I do with it “The Near-Futurist”. Click on "About" to find out more about my speaking; meanwhile the podcast episodes are below and there's a new one every month.

Aug 30, 2019

Can you be humble but confident? Ambitious but human? Alison Maitland of Lane4 thinks it's going to be essential in the next evolution of management thinking. She talks to Near Futurist Guy Clapperton about where management thinking is going and why she thinks this - and why it's not just another passing fad (which...

Aug 2, 2019

The robots are coming and they will make low-grade, tedious jobs redundant, that's a given by now. Guy Clapperton's interviewees this week, James Ewing of Digital Workforce and Oleg Rogynsky of, welcome the prospect - but they are concerned there needs to be regulations and at this stage the nearest we have...