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Thanks for dropping by. My name is Guy Clapperton. I’ve been a tech journalist for 30 years and I love to interview experts on what's coming up.

I’ve called this podcast and the presentations I do with it “The Near-Futurist”. Click on "About" to find out more about my speaking; meanwhile the podcast episodes are below and there's a new one every month.

Mar 29, 2019

It started with a pitch about how people could effectively 'teleport' into Internet of Things connected devices, and how this could help make tech support easier than ever. It finished with a discussion on empathy, new and old skills needed for the new and connected world - and how customer experience is going to be even more dependent on empathetic skills than it was before.

Near Futurist Guy Clapperton talks to Andy Clark, chief technology officer of RealVNC.

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