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Thanks for dropping by. My name is Guy Clapperton. I’ve been a tech journalist for 30 years and I love to interview experts on what's coming up.

I’ve called this podcast and the presentations I do with it “The Near-Futurist”. Click on "About" to find out more about my speaking; meanwhile the podcast episodes are below and there's a new one every month.

Aug 20, 2021

Vertical farming - put your crops into a high rise building, maybe based on hydroponics so they take up less space and you control the climate. Is this the way forward to eliminate poverty? Neither of our guests think it's that simple. In this podcast Angry Chef blogger Anthony Warner debates Agritecture CEO...

Aug 6, 2021

The Coca-Cola song from the 1970s, the Bond theme, Windows start-up, Apple switch-on - we're surrounded by aural branding as well as logos and visual cues. Michele Arnese, CEO of amp, talks us through what's going on.

The show starts off with an explanation of an error I made during the interview - with apologies!