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Thanks for dropping by. My name is Guy Clapperton. I’ve been a tech journalist for 30 years and I love to interview experts on what's coming up.

I’ve called this podcast and the presentations I do with it “The Near-Futurist”. Click on "About" to find out more about my speaking; meanwhile the podcast episodes are below and there's a new one every month.

Dec 9, 2022

Received wisdom suggests that we're all going to work flexibly and it's going to be great. Winter is coming, however - so will we scurry back to the office to stay warm or do the figures still add up? And what if we suggest that home working is actually less productive than office working anyway?

It's a polarising debate but in this episode of Dividing Lines, a series-within-a-series from the Near Futurist supported by Diffusion PR, the positions are nuanced. The University of Essex' Christoph Siemroth and BT's Nicola Millard debate, chaired by me, Guy Clapperton.

The paper referred to by Christoph is here: