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Thanks for dropping by. My name is Guy Clapperton. I’ve been a tech journalist for 30 years and I love to interview experts on what's coming up.

I’ve called this podcast and the presentations I do with it “The Near-Futurist”. Click on "About" to find out more about my speaking; meanwhile the podcast episodes are below and there's a new one every month.

Mar 18, 2022

It's been an exciting 12 months for astronomy enthusiasts - Jeff Bezos actually took Captain Kirk to outer space! But in the past we've jettisoned a lot of parts of our spacecraft, so how much junk is there out there? And is it a problem?

Prof. Moriba Jah of the University of Texas and Privateer is tracking the issue and discusses how it's become difficult and why it matters.

See his image of all the space junk at

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